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Camping equipment


The Light Birch 2 trekking tent from Qeedo is a 2- person tent and can be set up quickly and easily on your own. There is an entrance on either side of the tent. It has an outer tent and an inner tent and weighs 2.92 kg. The pack size is 48 x 16 x 16 cm.

I have the right tent pad for this.


The SYNMAT UL M, EXPED air mattress weighs just 450g. The dimension is 7x52x183cm and has a packing size of Ø9.5x24cm.


The camping chair and the table is a noname product and copied by Helinox. I recommend buying the original. The table / chair has a small pack size and is very light and stable.


The gas cooker is from Optimus and very bran Packmaas. In addition, I have the same brands, on the left, the small pans and wind protection. The pans can be pushed perfectly into the draft shield and therefore take up very little space. There are larger gas cartridges, for me the small ones are good in terms of space. It is economical and performs well.

I also have a frying pan and a pan with a lid.

If I ever run out of drink or run out of water, I have this Swiss Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter.
It is a versatile, powerful water filter. Give its pumping power (approx. 1 liter / min). The water is safely cleaned of chemicals, bacteria, algae, spores, protozoa, sediments and cysts. With its quick-release couplings, you only need a single handle to feed the treated water directly into the bottle and into standard drinking systems.

For my outdoor kitchen I still have 3 drinking bottles with me, 2 of which are on the touring trailer. Then a mini strainer, look for a better solution, foldable coffee filter from X-Brew , cup, bottles for various things, cutting board and spices.

This is my little sacred kitchen outdoor bag. I had already forgotten that.
I got the pink storm lighter from Andrea, a great friend who runs the campsite in Wesselburenerkoog . Furthermore:

- Storm matches in a waterproof container

- Fire steel magnesium

- Victorinox dual knife sharpener for the pocket knife

- Wooden mixing ladle

- cutlery

- whisk

- Outrider Victorinox pocket knife


Zum Nudelwasser abgiessen, Salat waschen, habe ich ein kleines Sieb. Es ist leicht und nimmt nicht viel Platz weg.
Gewürze darf natürlich zum Kochen nicht fehlen. Unter anderem habe ich 4 kleine Mühlen, 2 davon sind befüllt mit Pfeffer und Salzkörner.


Gutes "Werkzeug" zum kochen ist mir wichtig:

1. Feuerstahl Magnesium
2. Sturm Streichhölzer
3. Sturm Gasfeuerzeug
4. Titan Besteck geringes gewicht
5. Kleiner Löffel, Langer Löffel für Fertig Mahlzeiten Trek'N Eat

6. Blasrohr ausziehbar, zum Grillieren, Glut anblasen

7. Kochlöffel aus Holz

8. Messerschleifer von Victorinox

9. kleiner, leichter Schwingbesen
10. Multifunktional Messer von Victorinox, Klinge arretierbar


Hiker Pro Wasserfilter. Ich kam schon in die Situation, dass ich vergessen hatte, Getränkvorat zu haben. Mit dem Waserfilter bin ich auch weit draussen in der Natur gut abgesichert. Ob sich der Wasserfilter bewährt, wird sich zeigen.


Zum Geschirr spühlen habe ich diese kleine Werbe- Abwaschmittel-Flasche. Sie hat die ideale grösse für Reisen. Der Schwamm von Optimus war bei dem Pfannenset dabei. Zum trocknen habe ich ein kleines Mikrofase Geschirrtuch dabei.


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