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Southern Black Forest Cycle Route 2020

Day 1
From Bülach along the Rhine on the German side to just after Bad Säckingen

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Sat July 20, 2019, Wesselburenerkoog


Today is a mixed day. The weather is cloudy, is within limits. I felt there was something in the air. I didn't know what exactly at the time. It was nice to sleep in the camper. After noon I went to the dam and the sea. I took some pictures at the beach. I had a slightly melancholy mood, but that was good for me. The weather was also gloomy, but still a good mood. To be by the sea like that, I could let my thoughts run free. My ADHD was also noticeable because I had parallel thoughts. For those who don't know what's going on, you have to imagine that like 2 films are placed next to each other. On top of that, it's like jumping from one topic to another and back again. So it is difficult for other people in those moments when I would tell.

The thoughts turned to emigrating, what am I doing here, why am I on this path, feelings of home that I somehow feel here in order to have to leave. Should I stay here for the rest of the week or not leave tomorrow. No, stay here with Andrea or not? I feel torn What should I do. I just don't have an answer, but as confusing as it sounds, I was enjoying the moment with all my thoughts.

The Blitznacht in the film is a compilation. The total time that was filmed was about half an hour of the lightning and I only show a part of the filmed lightning here. There were allegedly over 120,000 lightning bolts during the night. I only saw a fraction of it from the trailer. At that moment I was really happy not to have to spend the night in a tent. During the weather flash insert it was very quiet. You really couldn't hear anything, no thunder, it came later.

Sun July 21, 2019, Wesselburenerkoog


The day after. After getting up, I first opened the door of the trailer. I peeked out eagerly to see what to expect. I was almost disappointed to see that everything was still OK. The neighbors also came out of their mobile home with awning. with them it was dampened by the heavy rain in the awning.
It was still quite windy. I checked my bike and trailer. Since I always had a rain cover for my bike, I was pleasantly surprised that the bike was still more or less dry. Only a puddle has formed. Most of it was still covered. The touring trailer with its waterproof bag and its material also survived it well. Nothing reminded me of the storm night except that everything was wet. While preparing breakfast, I heard the news on the radio. There must have been a heavy ram through Germany (later after my long journey at home I saw a documentary about the storm and what it had done, really heavy). That must have done tremendously. The day itself was quiet too. I went for a walk along the dike. It was a little cloudy and the mood was strange, but good.

Mon July 22, 2019, Wesselburenerkoog

Today I was fine. Of course, again with a lot of thought in mind. Sat a lot with Andrea and friends or helped her with her work. In the afternoon Andrea and I drove to the neighboring village to do some shopping. She still needed groceries. We are then still buying clothes, I a fleece jacket and a T-shirt. On the way back I also informed her that it would start again tomorrow. Yes, the good time with her came to an end. But we'll see each other again. In the evening I cooked something nice. Then I packed up my things so that I had little to do tomorrow. Another walk in the evening and enjoyed the sunset on the dike!

Tue 23 July 2019

Now the day of parting has come. I had packed up together and pushed my long trailer to the front of the entrance. Andrea was already ready. Saying goodbye was difficult for me, but it made it easier for me because we had had something to drink together before leaving and were fooling around with it. The farewell was very warm.

Well, I had to go now, whether I wanted to or not. A few kilometers later it was only half as wild. The weather was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute and the day or my journey should never end. The thought of too good to be true.

It was just wonderful to look out over the sea. But I was also looking forward to Brunsbüttel to see the woman from the campsite again.

Review: After some time, about an hour, I passed the parking lot, where last year I just found a shelter at a small house at the last second. Then it started to rain heavily, but only for about an hour. Unfortunately, this is no longer available. But the memory is nice (see video). During that time I had real buttocks pain because I kept my normal underwear on the first day before (slept in Hamburg on the Elbe and couldn't change). That's why my backside got infected at the hem of my underwear and that's how I met Andrea in Wesselburenerkoog. Actually wanted to drive on towards Husum, what a fate.

The day was nice and ... some would say you always see the same thing. No, it was nice the way it was.

Then came the moment of fate. About 6 km before Brunsbüttel ... I had a flat tire in the back. Why, couldn't it wait or happen sooner? What did I do ... well, no problem. Pack everything up, turn the bike around, take out the rear wheel, change the hose, “tinker everything back together”, unpack and go on.

When I arrived at the Brunsbüttel campsite, which was just behind the dike, the woman from last year recognized me again. So beautiful. I was setting up my tent when a young couple pitched the tent next to me. Hello or hello? No, Grüezi. Mir chömed vo de Schwiz (Switzerland). Hey so beautiful, and where are you going? Where are you chömed from? It's nice that you have failed.

Yes, Swiss dialect, a throat disease. But we talked a little, then she and I cooked too. I then saw that they had no handle for the hot pans and I had one left over. So I gave them one: “That’s really nice, vo deer, dange. Fractions really nümme? "

It's nice to be able to do something good for someone. After dinner I took a shower and then over the dike to the sea, where I took photos of it and of the sheep. So I let the evening end.

Wed July 24, 2019

Slept well this night so far. My air mattress is no longer worth much. It loses so much air that after midnight there is little left in it. Fortunately, I bought this mat at the beginning of the tour. That makes it more bearable and you get used to it. Woke up during the night, puffed up quickly and fell asleep again straight away.

When I said goodbye to the woman, I said casually, see you next year. She said that it was not certain whether this campsite still existed, as she had disagreed with the city politicians about expansion. Should call or write an email beforehand.

Then I drove off towards Glückstadt. At the beginning I wasn't sure whether I should go down to Hamburg, which would appeal to me, or just take the ferry across the Elbe near Glückstadt. I let it come to me.

For a long time I realized that I shouldn't have sent the front pockets home at the beginning of my trip, whatever. Uff difficult sentence. When I arrived in Brunsbüttel in front of the North-East Canal, I saw a bicycle dealer. I decided to buy new front pockets from Ortlieb. I liked them better anyway. That way I could distribute my luggage better. Too much anyway. In the future I would like to take less and lighter material with me. Still, it was a good experience. Then I went on the ferry across the North-East Canal. This was free of charge and, I think, was borne by the talking shop.
A few kilometers after Brockdorf I had to cross the Stör river, which flows into the Elbe. The interesting thing for me was that the road had just pulled up to let a sailing ship into the Elbe. If you don't see it every day, it is impressive to see how the road-bridge, or what it is called, descends. After I got down, after about a kilometer down, I went back to the North Sea. I was just able to brake as hard as a tree root had raised the bicycle road so much that I would have had a broken bike if I had ridden over it. Dear tree roots, how about if I crossed the street deeper down?

When I arrived in Glückstadt and waited for the ferry, I ate a fish sandwich at the snack stand. How delicious it tastes, I'll miss you at home. Then I drove to the port of Bremen with anticipation, knowing full well that I won't be able to reach it today. It was 5 past 5 when I arrived at the Oste River. There was also a street sink bridge that was pulled up. Hmm, no traffic here ?. I got off my bike, went forward and looked at a board ... opening times from ... until 5 p.m. What a bummer, 5 minutes to peek. I was angry. So I had to drive everything back to Balje, which meant a huge detour.

After a short time my navigation system said I could also take the dirt road, which would be a few kilometers less. My inner voice said, not such a good idea, I meant, but a good idea. As off to the right, over the gravel road. OK, the gravel road turned into a thick sand road after a short time. Farm fields to the left and right of it. Pushing was the order of the day, you couldn't drive on the sand. Heavens again, now tractors with trailers came by. You can guess what happened. Tuck a cloth around the mouth and nose, could hardly see anything when these vehicles drove by. Ok, it wasn't such a good idea. The time when I lost to push, I could have taken the direction of Balje and the bypass. I hadn't gained any time, but now I had enough dust and sand with me.

Finally after a while I came back to the streets. I was completely sweaty, clogged with sand and dust, and exhausted. Then it went towards Otterndorf to the campsite. I was glad to have arrived there. After setting up the tent, I first had to take a shower, which was difficult for me. My will was strong, my flesh was weak. In other words, I was drained.
After showering, some spirits came to me again. So cook something and enjoy the evening in my camping chair ...