Northern Germany 2018

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This trip is my first big trip since 1988. I spontaneously came up with the idea of going on a bike trip one year earlier. At the time, I didn't know where to go. First it was time to find out what I needed and to purchase the touring material such as bike, tent and equipment. Gradually the material came together. The difficulty was that I had no experience of long tours by bike. So it happened that I bought one or the other that I couldn't use after all or turned out to be unwieldy. Since I didn't have that much money available, I bought one or the other such as a bicycle, trailer, etc. The day of my departure was getting closer and I soon knew that I wanted to start from Berlin. The planned tour should lead from Berlin to Rostock, Flensburg, then along the Danish border to the other side to the North Sea and down to Hamburg. That was planned.
Shortly before leaving, I did a test pack. And I made up my mind to stop smoking when I started my trip.
A few days earlier I went to the ticket counter to cancel the ticket to Berlin. I realized that I should have booked much earlier. There was no longer a train to Berlin. After a long search, the clerk at the counter managed to buy a ticket to Hamburg, but not in the direct route Basel - Hamburg. No, I had to go via Schaffhausen to Singen, Villingen Schwenningen, Karlsruhe. Only then did it go straight to Hamburg.

Then the day of departure came. And as planned, I stopped smoking that day. I waited for the train to get on, which was fine up to then.


I had to change trains several times. There were train shifts, which meant I had to change personnel and delays. I also now experienced what it means to travel with a bicycle and a trailer. It was not easy to load bikes, luggage and trailers after Karlsruhe. I was all the more relieved when I was on the train. People helped me with this too. Yes, and at 11:15 p.m. I should then arrive in Hamburg, should. It was 12:30 a.m. by the time I got there. Then look for the youth hostel, which turned out not to be too difficult. But unfortunately the storage room for the bicycles was completely overcrowded in the meantime. What to do, I didn't want to leave my bike and trailer outside. So I decided to go down to the Elbe and spend the night there somewhere. What made me think and also sad, these many homeless people. There were also some in Zurich, but you hardly ever saw them. Here in Hamburg it was obvious. In every niche there was a person, so sad.
When I got to the Elbe, I made myself comfortable, enjoyed the moment and then soon fell asleep.

What a beautiful morning. I woke up with sunshine. I enjoyed sunbathing, then got up and packed up. Actually, I should now put on my touring pants. But things went badly here. I would find an opportunity to change clothes. So first go off with the normal pants and underwear.
First the path led me along the Elbe. A lovely sight of the river. I forgot more and more that I should change my underwear. Later that afternoon I passed a signpost, St. Margarethen. So funny, in eastern Switzerland there was also a St. Margreten, written a little differently. At first I wanted to look for accommodation there, but everything was closed. So I decided to continue to Brunsbüttel, where there was a campsite. I also noticed that the hem of my underwear was starting to hurt in my back. Maybe I would have better changed on the way. Oh, it wasn't that bad. In Brunsbüttel I first had to ask where the campsite was. At a gas station I got myself something to eat and drink. Then I came to the campsite and was warmly welcomed. It was a simple place, but with everything you needed. You could take a shower, etc. So I pitched my tent, took a shower and then I cooked something. Then I went to the dike, watched the ship traffic and let the evening come to me.

I slept well. Was a bit strange because I had never done it like this before. Still, I enjoyed it a lot. The day was wonderfully sunny again. I said goodbye and then drove off. It was fascinating for me to see the many wind turbines. I didn't know it like that before. I noticed that I have a slight pain in my buttocks, where yesterday the normal underwear ran along the hem. But it went well, I was wearing my touring underwear. That would go away. It was wonderful to drive along the dike and I felt free. Around noon it got cooler and cumulus clouds appeared in the sky. But it was still nice. In the afternoon it got darker and darker, a breeze came up. In addition, my back hurt more and more, where the seam of normal laundry ran along. I must have caught a slight inflammation after all. After Büsum I followed the bike path along the dike on the sea side. Then the path was closed because of construction work. Hmm, I didn't see anything, so continue along the bike path, about 2 km. It was better to follow the signs, because suddenly there was no more bike path and construction work. Shit, so turn back again and against the wind.
Then follow the diversion towards Westerdeichstrich. And then I saw black clouds behind me. Shit, hopefully the weather will last. Just before I got to a large parking lot, it started to rain slightly. I turned off, looked for something where I could stand and was lucky, there was a little house with a canopy. So quickly underneath. At exactly the right moment. It started to lightning and thunder, heavy rain and wind. It was really comfortable to stand underneath, what luck.
As quickly as the storm came, it went again. After half an hour the ghost was over and I could drive on again. The sun slowly came back and with it the pain on my buttocks. My goal would have been Husum, but at some point it was no longer possible. I stood on the bike more than sat on the saddle. Then I passed a campsite, immediately turned off and into the area.
A man came up to me and I said, I have to come under here, my "ass" is inflamed. He said the boss is coming soon. Well, she came up with, "Are you the one where the ass hurts" and laughed. I had to grin too. But that spreads quickly here. We understood and right away, Dan I moved into my place and set up the tent. I was invited to your drink right away. Simply likeable. I stayed here for the next 3 days so the inflammation could heal.

Now it was time to move on. Saying goodbye to Andrea was difficult for me, at least until I left. But today I kept thinking about how it was with her. The day was lovely. I made good progress. First head wind and in the afternoon a tail wind. I already knew that. I enjoyed driving along the North Sea. My destination was Husum.
Then I passed the Westerheversand lighthouse. This fascinated me. I considered going to him, but I saw that there were a lot of tourists. So I read it and just enjoyed the sight from afar.


Then I drove on the North Sea and I enjoyed every moment, felt the energy, the charisma that this area radiated. Yes, I felt kind of connected. This moment could never end.
In the late afternoon I reached Husum and drove to the campsite. In the direction of the campsite I met the burned down North Sea Hotel, a sad sight. It burned on January 15, 2018. It has since been torn down.
Then I arrived at the RegenBogen campsite. The reception was very friendly and it also has a small shopping area with groceries, among other things
The location was kindly shown to me on a map, which I quickly found. I pitched my tent and found it very nice to see others with the tent too. Later another woman came with the tent and set up next to me. We talked something to each other. And so I was able to enjoy the rest of the day comfortably.

Today I was a little later at it. Got up around 7:30 a.m. The sun was shining again. It promised to be a wonderful day. After I had breakfast, I dismantled the tent and stowed everything away. Then I continued my tour. I made good progress again. Today I had no goal. I saw a suitable campsite on the map at Klanxbüll. So towards evening I headed for this alleged campsite. Shortly before that, I saw a wind turbine that had rotor blades on the ground. I went there because it fascinated me.
I looked in vain for the campsite, nothing was written on it. I checked the internet again. The ratings were not particularly good. Did the campsite even still exist? I was really annoyed. At the Klanxbüll station I thought I could go to Sylt and then to the campsite. And as it is sometimes, the last train was already gone.

So I decided to camp wild. I bought some groceries at a small kiosk. Then I drove on towards Neukirchen. On the way I saw a burned down house. Next to it was a shelter that I found suitable. I went there and found an organally wrapped travel foldaway bed. So brilliant, I could easily spend the night on it. Said and done. I unpacked the bed and made myself comfortable.
But then I got the feeling that I was being watched. And as I am, I listened to my feelings. I packed up my things, put the folding bed back in the box and drove on. I just wasn't comfortable with it. I was actually quite tired. Shortly after Neukirchen I saw a sports field. I made myself comfortable behind it. There were also lighted houses nearby, which reassured me. It was the first time I camped wild. Then I ate something and then snuggled into the sleeping bag. At some point I fell asleep too.

the night was restless. Accordingly, I was up early. I packed my things and then drove on towards Neukirchen. Before that, I ate a little something. I bought something to eat in Neukirchen. Then I drove towards Neufeddersbüll to the Danish border. I drove across the Danish border to the Aventoft community. That was a feeling of happiness for me.
From then on, the path led me along the Danish side and I felt the energy that came from this country, even if I didn't see much of Denmark. Up to Flensburg I felt like I was in a vacuum, carefree and free.
When I looked at the border near Flensburg and drove across the border, a Danish customs officer waved to me. I found that very pleasant and conjured a smile on my face, which I returned to the customs officer. Immediately afterwards came a memorial, a cross-school project between Germany and Denmark. I paused in front of it for a moment and looked at it with respect.
Then we went through Flensburg, past the seat, where the penalty points are collected, and then to the Haven. There was just a second-hand market. I looked at it. Life pulsed here and it was a pleasure for me. At the end of the market the path led me along the Baltic Sea towards Glücksburg to Bockholmwick. The official bike path led over a very loose, sloping gravel path, so that I had to get off. A family in front of me also struggled to push the bikes over the gravel. Not enough. At the end of the gravel road we had to carry the bikes down a flight of stairs. We helped each other. Later I passed the Glücksburg Castle.
When I arrived at the Bockholmwick Campsite Förderverein, I was given a nice welcome. The nice woman had explained everything to me, including that you could pre-order rolls in the small drawer. After I ordered this and bought a little groceries, she showed me the place. Slightly sloping, but a nice view of the Baltic Sea. I anchored my touring trailer so it wouldn't roll away, pitched the tent, and then took a shower. Immediately afterwards I washed clothes in the existing washing machine and then enjoyed the evening and the sunset.

Got up earlier today and packed everything together. Then I picked up my rolls that I ordered from the small shop yesterday and made myself comfortable at an existing table. I enjoyed breakfast. The woman at the front desk advised me that there was a bike race going on and that it would not be as easy to get any further than around here. Oh the past. OK, I should have taken that a little more seriously, I passed the same place twice because a road was closed until I found a small junction. Then finally it went on, where I partly had to cross the racetrack. There was a small part where I had to drive on the racetrack, whereby the participants drove past first. I was then waved in and cheered on by the audience. A funny moment, me with all my gear. I couldn't help but smile.

At some point I left the racetrack and drove through Saxon Switzerland. In between I was just able to save myself under a bus shelter on my bike because it started to rain. But it didn't take long. It started to rain a second time, but only weakly. At some point after it went up and down, I arrived in Kappeln an der Schlei. It was very cloudy. At the Schlei I saw those people who do kiteboarding or kit surfing, that's what they call it. I would simply call this sliding skis water skiing. But it doesn't sound so dynamic. In between it started to rain lightly, nothing tragic. Slowly I doubted my lowrider bags, which Ricardo (something like Ebay) sold me as such. They were just too big. I couldn't go too far into the corners, then they hit the ground. That annoyed me sometimes. Yes, these are my first experiences on such a long tour.
In the late afternoon I arrived in Damp and chose the Dorotheenthal campsite. There was a telephone number at the reception booth that I had to call and soon a gentleman came. He greeted me nicely and then showed me the place. When I put up the tent, I noticed that the ground is very hard. Yes, a hammer would have been good now. A young couple who pitched the tent across from me then lent me the hammer. Then I cooked something, took a shower and enjoyed the evening.

And again it was a wonderful day. It was almost becoming normal. I enjoyed the morning. As always, take down the tent, have breakfast and then drive off. The way led me further along the North Sea. At some point I drove towards the beach of the North Sea. I passed a military base. On the beach near Klein Waabs I treated myself to a fish sandwich. Then I thought about continuing this nature path on the beach or turning back and driving up to the main road. My feeling told me to go back to the main road, my curiosity urged me to continue following the path on the beach. So I gave in and followed my curiosity. I'll put it this way, I don't regret it. But at some point I was standing by a long flight of stairs. Ok, first carry your bike up, then luggage and then touring trailer.
Then I arrived in Eckernförde. I wanted to take the ship and shorten the way. When the ship came, my touring trailer just barely fit through the jetty. From Sandkrug I continued my bike ride. Later I went to Kiel and on to Laboe.
There was a submarine U-995 to visit and diagonally opposite the naval memorial, a tower to visit. Unfortunately there were too many tourists who wanted to visit it, so I read it and drove on. I slowly thought about where to stay and found the Oase Bonanza campsite on the Google map, near Wentdorf, right by the sea. I headed for that. When I put up the tent, there was a small family next door who were also out and about with the tent and the bike. We got into a brief conversation and I learned that they cycled often and for a long time. It also had a table and I made myself comfortable there to eat. And so the day passed.