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Travel pharmacy

Toilet articles


Travel pharmacy

1 1. Help set

1 voltaren

1 ointment

1 headache tablets

1 organic mosquito and tick spray

1 PKG. Diarrhea tablets

1 small bottle of disinfectant spray

1 disinfectant

1 anti-itch cream, e.g. for mosquito bites

2 aluminum foil rescue blanket

Before the trip, I had myself vaccinated against ticks so that I was at least protected against TBE viruses. It does not protect against Lyme disease. I also have tick pliers with me

Since I am a trans woman and the beard growth has not yet been completely removed, as well as hair on legs / arms, I still have:

- razor blades and shaving cream

- Magnifying mirror.

- Estrfem hormones

- Androcur blocker

Toilet articles

1 deodorant

1 shampoo

1 shower gel

1 face cream

1 hand cream

1 sunscreen 30+

1 lip balm stick

1 seat cream

1 foot cream

1 lightweight travel towel

1 roll of toilet paper

5 hair ties

- hairbrush

- Nail file / nail scissors

- tweezers

- Enough cotton swabs, not just for the ears

- Sufficient panty liner

- Handkerchiefs

- Toothbrush / toothpaste

- organic detergent

- small hand shovel in case you have to unexpectedly

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