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Walensee tour 2020

1 day,
the journey took me along the airport towards Kloten, Lake Zurich on the left bank of the lake to Rapperswil and then to Lake Walen.


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I started in Hochfelden on Saturday, August 8th, with beautiful weather. My way led me first towards Kloten along the airport. I like this route. But it was extraordinary. Because of the corona pandemic, there was hardly any flight movement. Then the way led me through Zurich, which was easy for me. This hectic pace and always being careful where you drive. On the other side of Zurich, it was nice to drive along Lake Zurich, at least until I drove out of town.


After Zurich it got loud. The bike path led along Lake Zurich, but always on the busy main road. And some motorists were inconsiderate when overtaking, pushing their way quickly before intersections, etc. I always had to be careful. I also saw very little of Lake Zurich. The whole route was mostly blocked by expensive real estate, so that little view of the lake could be seen.


In Rapperswil I thought I should have taken the ship all the way here. I would have had more of it. From Rapperswil, Canton St. Gallen, the bike route got much better and it was wonderful to ride along the lake. From then on I could enjoy it again. After Schmerikon I drove along the Linth to the beginning of the Walensee. I registered at the campsite Gäsi and the fear of Corona, there could be problems, was none. At least not when you log in. But I would have better reserved. Because on the homepage it just said, no reservation and the reception said it was a mistake. I just got a little place next to the restaurant. So far everything was ok. Only the car noise from the expressway could not be overheard. Nevertheless I put up my tent and then wanted to cook something. What a bummer, everything comes with a stove, except my cutlery and lighter. So there was finger food. Nevertheless, I let the evening end comfortably.

2 day,
Now it went along the Walensee to Sargans and further down the Rhine to my brother and his family.


Woke up early. The night was restless. Apart from the street noise, my neighbors turned night into day, at least until about 1.30 a.m. It was still quiet on the campsite, hardly any people to be seen. I quietly packed my things and loaded my bike. The day was going to be really nice again.


As soon as I left I enjoyed the weather. It was fabulous. The route along the Walensee was also very nice. I drove along the A3, which was little to see and therefore didn't bother me. When I passed the Walensse restaurant, memories of my youth came back to me. At that time I was already here. Unfortunately, it is now a ruin that has been empty since 2003. I think it's a shame because you can make something out of it for tourism. Behind the restaurant the street led steeply upwards. So pushing a bike was all the rage. It took a little while to get to the top. The view over the Walensee was wonderful. After that, it didn't go down that steeply.


Then we continued along the Wahlensee. I passed sleepy little villages. The Walensee is embedded on both sides with steep mountains. on the opposite side there is a village, Quinten, which can only be reached by boat and is car-free. Shortly before the end of the Walensee, the area opens up and the mountains diverge. so I arrived shortly before Mels, I met Tina on the way. She comes from near Munich and was heading for Lucerne. It is these encounters that make traveling so fascinating.


then I went on to Mels and Sargans. I passed the imposing Sargans Castle. I was only up there once, years ago. In Sargans I organized myself a lighter so that I could finally cook something and cutlery. Then I drove further along the Rhine. I took a break at an old bunker from WWII on the Rhine and cooked such an instant menu, wonderful. At some point I ran out of water, I was just on the right bank of the Rhine towards Lichtenstein. Then I saw a group of people down on the slope and little barracks with a tap. I asked kindly for water and they kindly said yes. So then go on. The sun burned mercilessly and at some point I realized that I had again taken too few breaks. I was really drained. So take a break in the shade near Widnau SG. A cyclist asked me if he could help. Apparently I looked worn out. But I replied all well and thanked me kindly.
And finally I arrived in Widnau. Not far to Berneck SG, where I visited my brother and his family. I was very happy and the reunion was great. We chatted and later we had a barbecue. My brother's two girls (children) were not that talkative. Yes, we had never met before, a long story, but I was all the more happy to see her now. And so the day ended nicely.

3rd day
Now the path leads me along to Lake Constance and just to the end of Lake Constance.


The time with my brother and his family was great. When I left, my brother was already on the way to work and the children were heading to school. I said goodbye to his wife, who was also just at work, and drove off towards Austria to Lake Constance.


The day was not so sunny anymore and a little cooler. Still I had good weather, there were only a few clouds in the sky. Shortly before the Austrian / Swiss border on Altenrhein I went shopping for a drink and something for breakfast. Yes, I noticed there too, Corona time. Of course I had my protective masks with me. I sat down on a bench in front of the shop, enjoyed the weather and ate my bun. Thanks, I continued along Lake Constance.


Often the path led me along the side of the road, but I still enjoyed the moment. Towards evening I passed Stein am Rhein. A good friend of mine lives there, but she was not at home at the time. So I looked for a suitable place to sleep and found it behind a corn field. Well protected from view, as there was a small piece of forest behind me, I made myself comfortable and enjoyed the evening.

4th day

Today my tour wasn't too long to get home, Bülach Switzerland


I spent the night well, a little restless but good. I woke up 2-3 times because an animal had the feeling of making itself noticeable with noises. But that's just part of it. I ate a little something and drank chocolate milk.

When I had packed everything together, I set out to tackle my last few kilometers back home. My way led via Schaffhausen, Jestetten D and back to Switzerland. I already knew this route because I had already driven it a few times. It was a pleasant affair and the day was good, sunny too. I drove to Schaffhausen along the Rhine, this time on the Swiss side. The difference was noticeable. On the German side you drove a lot of bike paths slightly off the road, but on the Swiss side I was on the main road a lot. The Rhine side here was built much more intensively and I was certain that in the future I would rather drive on the German Rhine side. Still, it was one more experience.

At Neuhausen I got away from the Rhine and the route led via Jestetten D. Here you were back in nature to Jestetten and is a wonderful route. Then it went back over the border to Switzerland and I arrived in Eglisau and crossed the Rhine. Yes, and then I was in Bülach in the early afternoon. I only had to go to Hochfelden, right next to Bülach and in my warehouse, I stowed my bike. Get your e-bike out and go home. At home I made myself comfortable and read my little journey in review again, a little with sadness ...

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