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Southern Black Forest Cycle Route 2020

Day 1
From Bülach along the Rhine on the German side to just after Bad Säckingen

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Mon July 15, 2019, Hanover


Yes, the days lagged like that. Warmth and sunshine were slowly in sight, judging by the weather forecast. From Thursday it should finally get warmer again. Otherwise I would have had to buy new equipment. I didn't want to wait any longer.

In the meantime I stayed overnight with Toby and Jenni, went to the swap shop with Katrina, visited her brother and often went for a walk with the Hundi's. It was slowly burning under my fingernails to finally drive on. I was feeling a little bored. Still, it was nice to visit friends.

In addition, more and more feelings of home for northern Germany developed. How I would love to live here or further up by the sea. There was also a little sadness. So I was all the more happy when it started again.

Wed July 17, 2019, Hanover


Hadn't slept so well tonight. This is because I was excited that it would finally go on tomorrow. So today was the big packing, material check. I had my bike in the back of the shelter of the house with the touring trailer. Material was also stored in the bag all the time. When I took out the bike and trailer, I noticed that mice were tampering with the bag. Because I had a small hole, but luckily only on the pocket opening / edge. The bag must not have tasted so good to the mice. So it is right.

In the afternoon I met Tobi and Jenny. We took a farewell photo with the dog Zeus. I was really excited and hoped it would be morning soon. Otherwise there was nothing special about the day.

Thursday, July 18, 2019, Hanover


Got up well today. I slept a little restlessly, probably also because my tour continues.

Finally, after days, nice weather again. At around 9.30 a.m. we loaded my bike into their small trailer. Katrina and Pia had to go in almost the same direction, but on the Lübeck side. But they drove me to Husum. There were 2 wuffies, one of them, a Spitz was their guest for 1 month. That was really nice. In general, many thanks for the nice days (week).

Also very nice that I got to know Jenny and Tobi. Very nice people. We had a lot of conversations, including the fact that I might want to emigrate, which is very obvious. Because my gender is recognized here, I have a lot more chances of getting a job. On the tour I was repeatedly addressed as a woman. That is good for my soul. At home I always looked after women, a desire for femininity. Here in Germany that is hardly available, because they give me a certain feminine self-confidence.

I don't like goodbyes so much, so I said goodbye quickly but warmly. Then I drove off, first towards the Husum campsite, where I was last year. But I didn't go all the way there, just filmed it. Then I made my way to Wesselburenerkoog . The anticipation to see Andrea from the campsite again was great.
I was wondering what the Koog means in the many places behind it. Now a Koog, also called Polder or Groden, is flat marshland on the North Sea coast of Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands through the construction of dykes and drainage. Hence the Koog behind the name.

I had a slight headwind or cross wind. But that was fine. Nevertheless, the departure time at 12 o'clock was already late. Had over 70km ahead of me. I hope I can do it, I thought to myself.

I made good progress, but in between I treated myself to a meal at a small seaside restaurant, a small mixed salad, potatoes with pikeperch and a vegetable side dish. Tasted really good. Then it would continue along the North Sea. Shortly before Büsum a man stopped me. He said my journey ended here. At first I thought he was joking. But then it turned out that he was checking bathing stalls and that you had to get off your bike and walk. He kindly asked for a fine. Oh god how expensive it might be? This cost me € 2, uff.
Arrived in Büsum, there was this skyscraper. Actually ugly, but again imposing. Because you could see this part for miles.

At 6 p.m. I still had 29km to go. I called Andrea from the campsite because she was closing the reception at this time. On the tape she said that the campsite is full, possibly still tents. Uff, I hope it works. Said her on the tape that I would arrive at the campsite at around 8 pm and hoped she would listen to it.

Easily in a hurry, but not stressed, I drove on. I used my cell phone as a navigation system to see how far it was. I knew the route in reverse from last year.

Finally, one more turn, a few more meters and I was there. I drove to the registration house, no Andrea. What should I do, just pitch the tent and see tomorrow?
At that moment I heard a bicycle bell, looked around and saw Andrea drive up. I was relieved and happy to see her again. We fell on each other's necks, hugged each other. A wonderful moment. We talked a little. She said I would always have space and if I had to spend the night in her garden. Wow….

Then she showed me the place, the same place as last year. I built my tent. Not finished yet, I was invited by Andrea and her friends to have a drink. We had a lot of fun. At some point I had to leave before it got dark. Set up a place to sleep in the tent and then take a shower. Then I crumbled into the tent. Soon afterwards it started to rain. Again, perfect timing. So I let the evening end, happy and content I fell asleep.

Fri July 19, 2019, Wesselburenerkoog


The weather was cloudy. I slept well so far. When I met Andrea, she said I could sleep in her trailer too. She got it and saved it from being scrapped. I gladly accepted the offer, packed up the tent and moved into the caravan.

Then I offered her to clean the caravan and prepare the forecourt, since she had only got it. I had nothing better to do and I was happy to make Andrea happy. So I was busy cleaning, mowing the lawn, cutting hedges, etc. that day.

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