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Bicycle tour Switzerland 1988

I can only tell this bike trip from memory 31 years ago. Unfortunately, many photos / negatives have been lost (stored) in the archive over the years, to which I currently have no access. I do not know it anymore.

I was in training and at school I heard from my classmates, they were in Mallorca, America, Canada, etc. It was a lot to me that hardly anyone traveled to Switzerland. So I decided to go on my first trip through Switzerland to get to know them better. I had traveled to Ameland / Netherlands with the WWF 1 year earlier, together with others who came from all over Switzerland. So it made sense for me to visit one or the other. Unfortunately I only met someone from the trip from Ameland. Later more.

So I started the preparations and purchases.

Then it was there, Saturday July 9th, 1988. The anticipation was good and my bike was packed. I said goodbye and drove off. I wasn't sure where to go. The goal was Zofingen for the time being because I wanted to visit a girl from last year. The day was beautiful and I got to Winterthur. I stayed in the youth hostel, which was in a castle and also had a museum. I looked at it and was impressed.

The next day I started for Zofingen. The goal was to meet the young woman that I met last year on the WWF trip to Ameland. I don't remember how the journey went up to then. But when I arrived in Zofingen, I first had to buy film material (analogue). Then I registered at the youth hostel and after the room I called them. We met in the evening and she showed me a cellar bar. We had a nice evening and I got to know her friends. In the late evening we said goodbye and I went back to the youth hostel.

31 years is a long time. Unfortunately, I have hardly any memories of the day tour from Zofingen to Bern. I can only vaguely remember back then in Bern. I was still at the bear pit and in the evening I sat by the Aare. And it was a beautiful day. I found the youth hostel pleasant. All the same young people back then. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this day tour.

The next day my goal was to do. I didn't know where exactly. I followed along the Aare. Left and right mountains. Arrived in Thun. I looked at the city a little. Then I looked at the map and the youth hostel travel guide (there weren't any sat-nav and mobile phones back then) for the next accommodation. There was a youth hostel near Faulensee. I wanted to go there. In the late afternoon I reached the youth hostel, registered and made myself comfortable. The accommodation was simply designed. But a nice view of Lake Thun.