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Bicycle repair


I always have my V eloPlus tool roll with me . In the meantime I have adapted it to my needs. In the tool roll are:
- Hose repair
- combination pliers
- Adjustable wrench mini
- In the bus
- tire lifter
- Open-ended spanners 8, 9, 10
- Slotted and Phillips screwdriver
- chain rivet pushers
- Cable ties
- Talc for hose (not visible)


Also important are:

- Replacement 16 " hose for touring trailers
- Replacement tube bike
- chain oil
- hand cleaning
- Cloth for hand cleaning / bicycle
- bike pump

- insulating tape (not visible)


When it comes to the bicycle pump, I always make sure that it is suitable for the 3 types of valves so that I can also help others:

- Sclaverand or Presta valve, French

- Schrader valve, car valve

- Dunlop or Blitz valve

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