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Camera film


DJI Mini 2
Wiegt 249g, kann mit 4K gefilmt werden und eine Betriebsdauer von bis zu 30 Minuten, je nach Einstellungen. Genannt wird 31 Minuten was nicht wirklich relevant ist, die 1 Minute zum Vorgänger.

Es gibt ein neues Drohnengesetz Schweiz 2023. Weitere Infos unter:


DJI Mini 2

I like to take photos with my Canon 5D Mark ll SLR camera. I use the two lenses for this

24 - 70mm, light intensity 2.8

75 - 300, light intensity 4 - 5.6

The battery part as easy to see in the picture is not included for weight savings. Because cameras with lenses have their weight.


I use my two action cameras Nikon KeyMission 170 and GoPro for filming . There is also a charger that I can connect to a bike or solar panel. Spare batteries, remote control and housing that I can slide the microphone adapter into.

For sound recording while filming, I use a lavalier microphone from Rode (also called a button microphone ) and a windshield fur for the microphone. I also have a replacement for it.

I also have 2 cables with me for the cell phone and the film camera, as these don't have the same connections.

The technical term is TRS and TRRS (Tip Ring Sleeve or Tip Ring Ring Slave) This can be seen from the different rings on the connector, 2 or 3 rings. A bit of technology.

I also have a small lamp for my cell phone if I want to film in the dark, although this is only suitable for close range. And my cell phone 8 not easy to see).

I use the Funk Rode Wireless Go so that I don't hang on the microphone cable.


For the photo and film data storage, I have the external, lightweight Samsung SSD T5 , 500 GB with me. There are also several CompactFlash and SD memory cards. I have a suitable adapter for the SD memory cards. I use a card reader to read the data.
For the action cameras I use Micro-SD memory cards and the associated adapter.


So that I am as autonomous as possible, I have various charging options for the devices. For the SLR camera I have a total of 4 batteries and the charger. I have a solar panel with me for charging (the size is incorrect in the picture).

I also have a power bank from xTarm Solar Charger , made in the Netherlands, which is both a light and solar charge. It can also be charged on the solar panel or on the grid. It is powerful and rich in charging the cell phone as well as the batteries.

The SIStech.Swiss battery charger is light and well suited to charge the batteries on a solar panel, grid or hub dynamo.


I have 2 mini tripods and a tripod clamp with me so that I don't have any shaky photo film recordings. The term tripod clamp came to my mind. It's an older part, but it's still handy for on the go, attaching to objects. I can use this for the action camera as well as for the mobile phone. The holder for the mobile phone on the Hama tripod is removable. The Hama tripod has flexible legs.

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