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Southern Black Forest Cycle Route 2020

Day 1
From Bülach along the Rhine on the German side to just after Bad Säckingen

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Today on September 19, 2020 I set out for the Southern Black Forest Cycle Path. In the morning I packed my touring bike and set off. The way first led me along the Glatt to the Rhine. Then I switched to the German side at the Eglisau / Glattfelden Rhine power station. From then on it was a leisurely ride along the Rhine. The weather was lovely.


In the evening, shortly after Bad Säckingen, I wanted to go to the Schwörstatd campsite. Before that, I had just lost my way. When I got there, the navigation system showed me a path that was blocked. So continue along the street and look for the entrance. Even after trying several times, I found no reference to the campsite. Is it closed because of the Carona pandemic, or worse? I dont know. So I started looking for a suitable place to sleep. I found it behind a corn field on the Rhine. Yes, wild camping is also prohibited in Switzerland, i.e. with a tent. After I had set up the tent, a car actually came along the dirt road (further ahead there was a kind of allotment garden settlement). Confused, I waited a little. Never mind. I stayed there and made myself comfortable ...

Day 2
From Bad Säckingen along the Rhine to Basel, direction Müllheim to Sulzburg.

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Had slept well so far. It was still tomorrow morning, around 6:30 a.m. My destination today was near Freiburg in Breisgau. I didn't know where exactly. so I packed up my things, had a little breakfast and then drove off towards Basel.
Shortly before Basel, the signage was pretty bad. But somehow I fought my way through. When I drove into Basel from Germany, the bike paths turned out to be bad. It was nice to drive along the Rhine. Last year I went to Basel on the French side of the Rhine. This time I wanted to drive on the German side. A lot of things seemed familiar to me from last year.
I stopped at a restaurant. It was weird when you had to wear a mask to order. Yes, a lot was different this year. Then I drove on and along the Rhine. At some point I stopped at a table and made myself comfortable to eat.
At the height of Müllheim Germany I looked up and decided to turn right soon. I decided on the Sulzbachtal campsite in Sulzburg. Shortly before that, we had to push something. Yes, my fitness has dropped a little. But that wasn't a problem for me, you can also move forward with pushing.
When I arrived at the campsite, I reported to reception, again wearing a mask, of course. It was a little strange. After waiting a bit, I was welcomed in a friendly manner. The gentleman at the front desk looked and then showed me the place. The neighbors motorhome campers were friendly. So I set up the tent and then made myself comfortable ...

Day 3
From Sulzburg to Freiburg im Breisgau, Kirchzarten to Oberried

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Got up well in the morning. The place was still sleepy, I only saw people one by one. I quietly packed up my tent, stowed everything in my pockets and loaded my bike. Then to the toilet, etc. also fill bottles with water. Had to go back again, forgot mask, grrrr.

Then I drove off. It was another sunny day. I made good progress and the route up to Freiburg was pretty flat. After I arrived in Freiburg and drove through the city, the bike rose slightly upwards, still pleasant to ride. Slowly the mountains got to see. However, no major increase was planned for today.
When I arrived in Kirchzarten, I thought about whether I should go to the campsite or the risk in Oberried at the campsite. On Google it showed me that it was only for campers, not for tents. But on the homepage there were tents. Ok, so to Oberried, I can go back again. When I arrived in Oberried, the road was about 300m steep upwards. Once at the top, I was out of breath. Then I realized that I was still too early, the place didn't open again until 3 p.m. So wait Then finally I could register, pay and the friendly gentleman showed me my place on the map. Nevertheless, I still had to search a little and asked a couple of campers. We talked a little more.

So put up a tent. Then I ate tarte flambée in the in-house restaurant and then let the day end comfortably ...

Day 4
From Oberried over the Rinkenpass, Kirchzarten to Lenzkirch

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Today one of the most beautiful pass routes was on my program that had it all. I had to climb 890 meters in altitude. Therefore, pushing was the order of the day, as the road led up steeply. At the top of the pass between Rinkel and Feldberg the view was wonderful. Once at the top, I cooked a little something first. The ascent was quite strenuous, but still worthwhile. Then came the mountain descent, which my brakes challenged for a while.
When I arrived in Kirchzarten, it was no longer so beautiful, although the sun was shining wonderfully. But the place was completely overcrowded with tourists despite Corona, so I drove through as quickly as possible. Then came nature again, which was a pleasure.
The signs for bicycles sometimes left a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the day extensively. Later in the afternoon I arrived at the Kreuzhof campsite in Lenzkirch. I was welcomed nicely and after paying I was shown the place. So I pitched my tent and then went to take a shower. For the next day, the weather wasn't so warm anymore.